I Play With Honor for the people who fought and who are fighting for us to have our freedom today! I Play With Honor for my 94-year-old great-grandfather, “Grampy”, Bernard Thornton Peters who was a World War II pilot. His two older brothers were drafted into WW II but he wasn’t. He asked to join the war efforts because he wanted to join his brothers in their fight for our freedom. He was only 20-years-old when he entered the U.S. Army Air Corp in March,1943 and never looked back.


After extensive training, he became a 1st Lt in March,1945. He flew the first of his 49 missions in January,1945. Thirty-two missions were flown out of Corsica, Italy and the remaining missions were flown out of Fano, Italy on the Adriatic Coast. The majority of his missions targeted railroad bridges, supply dumps and marshalling yards in Northern Italy. The Germans and Italians surrendered in early May,1945 and his last mission was to drop leaflets over enemy territory, announcing the surrender. After the war, he stayed active in the Air Force Reserves.




Grampy is my living hero! He has shown me how honor is a huge part of his way of life and I try every day to do the same by bringing honor into my daily life. I give my best to all things so war veterans and current military members would be proud of me. My hope is that by living a life of honor I will make the veterans think back on all their hard work and be happy that they went to battle and sacrificed so much for people like me. I am proud to be free! I am proud to be able to play for the love of the beautiful sport of softball in a free country. I am proud to be able to Play With Honor!