I am the son of a soldier who never asked to be thanked. My Father never told us that because our country needed his services at the young age of 18, that he missed opportunities to attend college on athletic scholarships. He did however ask that I do one one thing for him, and that was to please don’t forget that his brother gave his life as a soldier fighting in the same war for what they both believed in… freedom.

That’s it. Nothing more. Just please don’t forget the uncle I never knew, and the cousins I never had, and that the price of freedom is not without blood.

I promised myself I would never forget, and 45 years later I still remember his words, and my all my uncles and people in my family who sacrificed for the life I have today.

My story is designed to make you think about your story. Tell us who you are thankful for. Tell us who you wish you could have a second chance to thank, if you could. Tell us why you Play with Honor