My name is Autaum Hilyer. I am a part of the Delta Softball Academy (Canada) as well as my club team Heat ‘01.

Everyday I learn that the game I play is much bigger than me or anything I could imagine. When we start playing a sport in most cases it is our parents decision since we start at such a young age. As we get older the sports our parents choose for us becomes a part of our life and in most cases a part of us.


I think the most influential statement I’ve ever heard was when I was a pick up player for a local team the coach said something i’ll never forget. “The name on the front of the jersey is who you represent and the name on the back is who raised you, don’t disrespect either”. Whenever I put on a jersey,or step on a field these words come to my mind. For me these words have a powerful meaning beyond what they are clearly saying. For me, I have played on multiple teams which means multiple jerseys, but no matter what jersey I wear it with respect and pride because you should honoured for someone to want you to wear their jersey. As for the name on the back it means a lot to me. The reason I started playing softball was because of my grandpa as he was my male role model through my childhood years. So when I think of the name on the back of my jersey I think of him because he raised me and I represent him as a person. I think whenever a young woman steps on a field most of us take that amazing feeling for granted. There are so many young women who don’t get the chance to play and so many siblings that watch us play and want to play like us. We might just play in our local league but we are role models to parts of the community. We should be showing respect, honour, and pride every time we lace up a cleat, tuck in a jersey, or throw a glove on our hands. To all the girls that don’t get the chance to play,

I will forever and always PLAY WITH HONOUR.

-Autaum Hilyer