I play with honor for that 19-​year-​old young man that was called to fight, because he did it with honor and pride for his country. My Grandpa didn’t ask to be there, that wasn’t what his heart desired. He wanted to become a teacher, but when he was drafted​,​ he realized what he had been called to do, and he took action. He never complained, he never stopped and asked why someone else couldn’t do it. He was a leader and he took charge and got the job done.​


I play for the Grandpa that I know will always support me no matter what. I play with honor for my Grandpa who always puts others before himself.

When I step onto the softball field, playing with honor means carrying yourself with respect and treating your team, coaches and the opposing team with respect as well. Every hit, every throw, every catch, and even every error I make, I remember how blessed I am to even play on that field. I know that every opportunity I have to play was given to me and that I should never take those opportunities for granted. I know that I will be placed in situations on the softball field that I may not be comfortable with.


 ​​.       ..       .



I will remember my Grandpa and when I’m in those situations, I know I will need to step up and be a leader and get the job done for my team like my Grandpa did for his country.

Who do YOU play with honor for?
– Izabella Martinez