Dear Hero: 

My name is Alyson Manzo, I am a freshman at the University of Arkansas and I am also part of a local softball team (#66).

I wanted to share something with you that means a lot to me specially with all the riots, kneeling, stomping/burning of flags that is currently going on.

I am from a little town in California called Roseville and since we don’t have here the best softball teams every weekend I would drive to LA with my dad to play travel softball for the Firecrackers.

Their motto is “PLAY WITH HONOR” and I never really understood what that meant until a year or two ago. I hold this motto dear to my heart now and wear a bracelet on my wrist every day that says it.

“Play with HONOR” means I play for YOU.

Every time I step on the field I am playing with pride for my uniform and even more for every soldier who has fought for our country. Without their braveness and courage I would never have this opportunity to play the sport I love.

I am proud to Play with Honor and every time I put on my uniform to play I am thinking of their blood, sweat, tears and fight they have put up for our, for my freedom. You are my heroes! THANK YOU for all you have done and still do for our country. I stand for you, pray for you, fight for you, play for you and do my very best, every single day, for you!

I’ll be always grateful for your bravery.


-Aly Manzo

Play with HONOR

 P.S.  I am always rooting for you! Thank you!


*This text has been edited for clarity.